About us




 a charitable society registered on September 29, 1981




  1. St. Lazarus Hospice, the Society of Friends to People in Disease, called hereinafter the Society, is a registered charity association possessing a personality-at-law.
  2. The Society has been called to provide care to heavily ill persons, mostly with tumours, throughout the final stage of their lives, and to assist their families.
  3. The Society shall operate on the territory of Poland and the registered office of its authorities is the city of Kraków.
  4. The Society is authorised to use stamps and logos in accordance with applicable provisions.
  5. The Society may join domestic and foreign associations with same or similar scope of activities.
  6. The society bases its operations on voluntary work of its members, but it may employ persons to perform its statutory operations.




The Society aims at

a)      bringing the social help to the persons in a difficult situation and their families, making their opportunities in the society equal to other groups

b)      charity activity

c)      health care and health promotion

d)      activities to handicapped people

e)      education and research in the area of health care

f)        activities for European integration and development of the contacts among the nations

g)      promoting volounteer activities


2. The society is also active in the area of providing help for seriously ill individuals, especially sick with cancer and other terminal diseases. It also provides help for the families in the time of serious sickness of one of the members – and during the time after death of such individual.


3. The society is disseminating the ideas and methods of the hospice help, realizing this help is getting new individuals of the good will able to provide free help and care for individuals included in the care program.


In order to realize the statuory goals The Society is also active in the following areas:

a) health care

b) educational care and social care without providing the dwelling

c) research in the area of medicine and pharmacy

d) non-institutionalized forms of education, not categorized in other areas: in particular training programs, conferences, seminars and congresses of the hospice and palliative care workers and other interested individuals.

e) issuing books, brochures and other publications from the area of promotion and health care and promotion of volounteer movement

f) providing other printed material thematically linked with the promotion and health care and promotion of volounteer movement

Activity mentioned in the paragraph 1 is provided free of charge.


The society is basing its activity on social work of its members and volunteers, however the society can also employ some workers.


In order to realize its goals, the Society is cooperating with governmental and local goernmental offices, media and other institutions defined by the law of  April 24, 2003 regarding regarding the activity for general social benefit and volunteering. The Society is also cooperating with other non-governmental institutions, church charities, ministry of health institutions, the National Health Fund organization and also other national and international organizations providing the similar services and activities.


For obtaining material means to realize its aims the Society:

a) gathers member fees and both monetary and non-monetary donations from friends and sympathizers of the Society (both private persons and legal bodies) 

b) holds collections and other fund-gathering actions.

c) tries to obtain grants, subsidies and subventions from both public and private sources(means).

d) signs contracts with the National Health Fund


On the basis of the act of the Board the Society may run economic activity on a scale serving to realise statutory objectives. All the income from this activity goes to the statutory action.